Art Statement 2021

“Grand or bland, some specific landscape is the start of my photographic activity, then I head in to more emotional territory.

“What went on here? Why does it look like this?”, are some of the questions I begin with when delving in to my place-based work.

I shoot with both film and digital cameras, often low tech film cameras, then I make prints usually as a series to get at the meaning or feeling of a particular place.” – Martin Cox

Martin grew up in the UK where he attended two attended art schools. A desire to explore new horizons led him to San Francisco where his black & white series depicting post-industrial Wales was exhibited. Settling in Los Angeles, Martin trained as a master black and white analogue printer before going on to establish himself as a fine art photographer.

Fascinated by the overflowing void of desert landscapes, his photography has often centered on  both cold and hot deserts.
His ten-year project at the Salton Sea, CA — was exhibited in Los Angeles and London, Martin’s large prints of Icelandic landscapes were exhibited at the Húsavík Museum in Iceland in LA galleries.  Durational projects have centered on entropy, decay and the aftermath of human activity  – Cox’s series on a 700 year-old decaying English manor house was shown at PHOTOLA, and a seven-year project capturing the decline of the ocean liner was presented at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum.  A time-based photography installation was exhibited at The Factory, in Iceland summer 2021 and his diana-camera prints in his series Terra Figmenta exhibited in 2022.



Snow Drawings, Fabrik Gallery, Culver City, CA 2018

Museum of Ennui, ShoeBox Projects 2018

Right Here Far Away, HUSAVIK MUSEUM, Husavik, Iceland 2017


Terra Figmenta, Academy of the Senses, Icelandic Art Center, Summer 2022

“Perceive me”, group show curated by Kristine Schomaker, MOAH, Museum of Art & History, Lancaster, CA 2021-2

The Art of Transformation, Visionary Art Collective, Brooklyn, online 2021-2

Velocity of decline, photographic installation, The FACTORY, Djúpavik, Iceland summer 2021

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